Brian discovered his interest in landscape photography during a six week camping trip with his wife through the great parks of the western United States and Canada. He had only her original Canon Rebel, one lens, and black and white film, but the images still revealed his natural ability to capture the depth of our continent's most beautiful places.

Attending school in the Midsouth somewhat limited his travel time and subject grandeur. But frequent walks through towering oak-lined streets and along Mississippi River banks allowed him to develop his eye for composition and skill for camera manipulation. It was those memories and black and white images that inspired him to move out West. While living in Utah, Brian traveled many remote roads and steep mountainsides with his canine companion, in search of the proper angle and the perfect light. He is adept at capturing the noble strength of wildlife, the rushing of waterfalls, the delicate beauty of wildflowers, and the contrasting colors of the seasons. But, much to the dismay of his dog, he continues to be most drawn to the iconic scenes within our national parks and monuments.

It has been years since he was gifted his first Canon digital camera and two lenses. Now he has slowly expanded his tools to include the finest in digital photography equipment and expertise. His goal is to ensure what he sees through his lens is what you will see hanging on your wall. He would love the opportunity to share his images, an expression of his love for nature and wild places, with you or someone you love.